New Pools

Building New Pools from Scratch: Transforming Your Backyard into a Private Oasis

Nothing is more rewarding than taking a blank canvas and creating a new pool from a blueprint or a sketch. Our specialty at Andy’s Pool Builders is crafting new pools that reflect your unique vision and style.

The excitement builds as the project progresses from one milestone to the next. Each phase of the process brings your dream new pool closer to reality. From excavation to the final touches, everything starts to come together beautifully.

Our clients often start planning for their new poolside haven as we near completion. They buy patio furniture, pool toys for the kids, floating lounge chairs with cupholders, and even volleyball nets or floaties for toddlers.

Finally, the big day arrives. We turn on the pumps, the waterfall, other water features, and, of course, the pièce de résistance—your pool’s stunning colored lights. It’s a moment that feels like you’re standing in front of a luxurious hotel resort or a majestic fountain in Rome. But it’s even better because it’s your very own private paradise.

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